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Summer Floor Care

Summer floor care

Summer Floor Care

June is here already and with it there will be some increased heat and humidity; not always the best news for wood floors!

Here are some tips to help keeping your wood floor look fantastic over the Summer.

  1. Make sure that you have good barrier mats both inside and outside external doors to your home.  Mats will help to remove grit and sand from those beach trips and outdoor activities.  I love the cotton mats that you can pop in the washing machine!
  2.  All wood floors can fade or discolour with direct exposure to sunlight.  This is a good time to make sure that you have blinds, shutters or curtains at your south facing windows.  Not only will they keep the room cool but they will help to protect your floor from UV damage.  Check out our range of shutters or visit our fabulous blind partner www.deluxablindschester.co.uk for some beautiful motorised blinds.
  3. Keep an eye on room temperature and humidity.  In recent years we have had some very high temperatures for the UK, this can cause wood to swell and warp.  You can purchase a simple room temperature and hygrometer from most large online stores.  The perfect conditions are internal temperatures of 15-21 degrees centigrade and 45-65% humidity.
  4. Keep floors well swept, vacuumed and clean with an appropriate cleaner, we keep a great selection in our Chester showroom.

Enjoy your floor this summer,

Elaine and the team


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