Sub Floor Preparation

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and we could say the same about your sub-floor! Ensuring that your sub-floor is properly prepared can have a major impact on the look and performance of your new wood, laminate or vinyl floor.

The majority of products require the sub floor to be level to within 3mm over a 2m radius to ensure that you benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty.  Poorly prepared sub-floors can result in floors that bounce, squeak and result in open joints, regardless of the quality of your new floor.

We are pleased to offer a technical survey and floor preparation service as part of our service.  Whilst we can discuss this at an initial estimate by checking the sub floor type, age of the property and whether any renovations have been made, it is necessary to see the whole exposed sub-floor to properly assess levels and give a price.

There are two main methods used to prepare sub-floors:

  • Concrete or Asphalt floors – these floors are usually levelled by applying an appropriate levelling compound to smooth and level.
  • Wooden or chipboard floors – these floors are usually overlaid with plywood and sometimes a layer of moisture proof builders paper.

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Acceptable Subfloors