View from main hallway

Petworth hallway

Hallway Before

Close up of Petworth blocks

Steps clad in Petworth Plank

Steps clad in Petworth Plank

Master bedroom in Thermo Oak

Period bungalow in Chester Suburbs

This beautiful project managed to span two years due to Covid but the end results were worth it!

I was lucky to visit the house when the new owners had stripped back to bare wood.  It is fantastic to get in at this early point both to decide on the look but also to ensure that all of the fitting preparation is correct.

Initially the customer liked Chevron designs but we felt that the more woven style of Herringbone would work better with the strong curves in the house design.

Ted Todd Petworth was selected to give a modern but calm backdrop to the interior.  This floor manages to be both minimal and light yet warm at the same time.  As a modern neutral it will also work with any future decor changes; always a consideration when choosing a floor for a  ‘forever home’.

For the master bedroom suite we went for a totally different floor, using a thermo Oak to give a cocooon like luxury feel.

The sub-floor required screeding over underfloor heating

We also used a bespoke Oak stair cladding system that was finshed to match the floor perfectly and Grant worked his magic to continue the Herringbone design on the small ledge!  Wide plank boards from the same range were used to clad the large open steps leading down to the new kitchen area.

So despite taking over a12 months from design to installation we think this one looks fantastic.

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