Oak Versaille Panels

Oak Versaille Panels

Applying Oilwood Traffic finish

Versaille Panels sanding

sanding process

Versaille Panels Unfinished

Ted Todd Oak Versaille Panels in North Wales

We were delighted when this customer requested a Versaille Panel floor for their new Orangery in North Wales.

Versaille Panels can be fitted either as a centre piece with a plank border or fitted across the entire floor for the full ‘wow’ factor.  For this project we specified Ted Todd Woodworks Versaille Panels in European Prime Oak.

The concrete floor was levelled and the panels bonded down with Ted Todd MS Flex adhesive.

We also fitted an Oak Veneer skirting to finish the room perfectly.

The Oak Versaille Panels were then sanded and finished with Ted Todd Oilwood Traffic, which gives the look of an oiled floor combined with the durability of a lacquer.

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