How to choose a wood floor for your kitchen

  • You can absolutely have a real wood floor! It is important that you consider the finish of your wood floor as a kitchen will take a good deal of foot traffic and extra cleaning.  For your kitchen floor we would recommend a hardened (or UV oiled) oil or matt lacquer finish to give good durability.  After installation remember to choose the correct cleaning and maintenance program for your wood floor and stick with it.
  • Consider the additional heat and light in your kitchen if you have bi-fold doors, large patio doors, skylights or velux windows. Additional heat and light can affect the movement of the floor and it is worth considering the effect of sunlight on the finish.  Some high quality laminate floors, such as Quickstep laminate, offer better stability than real wood floors and will be far less affected by sun fading.
  • Think carefully about who lives in your home and how the kitchen is used; is it a gorgeous show kitchen for adults or a busy family kitchen with children and pets? For a busy family home click LVT (luxury vinyl tile) can offer a great solution.   Our Quickstep Livyn and Luvanto vinyl floors offer a warm, durable and waterproof option that make them ideal floors for family kitchen and living areas.
  • When to fit your floor? Unless you are having a free standing kitchen, the best time to install your floor is after the kitchen.  Any floating floor (flooring that sits on an underlay) must not be fitted with a kitchen built over the top as it will adversely affect the expansion and contraction of the wood.  We can provide samples so that Islands and end panels can be adjusted ready to accept the new floor and plinths can be cut to suit the height of your new floor.

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Good luck with your kitchen project,